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Primo Levi and Ferdinando CamonConversations or The Voyage of Ulysses


From the book "Conversations with Primo Levi"
by Ferdinando Camon - Editions Gallimard 1991


Ferdinando Camon spoke for the first time with Primo Levi in 1982.

Their conversations will spread out regularly, then, until 1986.


Thus, two men talk to each other. Two writers, two "surveyors of memory": one is of Christian culture, the other, as we know, lived as a Jew, forty years earlier, the experience ofAuschwitz. The exchanges are both dense and fluid. Whatever the subject (Auschwitz, of course, and Germany - that of Hitler and that of today - but also Solzhenitsin's gulag, the act of writing, the profession of chemist...) the Thought tension arises between the interlocutors from the sense of urgency they both share.


Never complacent, nor overwhelming, the words of Primo Levi are a weapon, tonic, to apprehend the present and warn of the dangers to come...

“It seemed to me superfluous, even negative, harmful perhaps, to make rhetoric. 

There was no need to underline the horror. The horror was. 

It was better to let things tell their own story. ”-Primo Levi


“It is magnificent because it is of an intelligence
and of an extraordinary human truth…”
Favorite by Gilles Costaz
 The Mask and the Feather, On the boards, France Inter -  April 26, 2015

"Un true literary gem"  

Michèle Lévy-Taeb – Jewish News

"A surprising moment of grace." 

 Hélène Kuttner – Artistik rezo




Institutional partners

The National Office for Veterans of Loiret

The Center - Loire Valley and Ile-de-France regions

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah

The Center for Research and Documentation on the Jewish Internment and Deportation Camps in the Loiret (CERCIL) (Memorial Museum of the Vel d'Hiv Children) in Orléans


Creation 1995

Created in February 1995 in Corbeil-Essonnes (91)

From 1995 to 2001: 121 performances
Recovery 2015
Resumption in March 2015at the Essaïon Theater (Paris 4)
Since March 2015: 42 performances

Artistic team

Cie Passeurs de Memories

Interpretation -  Eric Cenat(Camon) andGerard Cherqui (Levi)

Adaptation - Eric Cénat, Gérard Cherqui and Dominique Lurcel

Staging - Dominique Lurcel

Suits - Elisabeth de Sauverzac

Light creation - Philippe Lacombe

Poster watercolor - Liliane Lurcel


Support for creation in February 1995

the Italian Cultural Institute, the Avignon Festival, France Culture and ADAMI

Support for recovery in March 2015

Show subsidized by the ONAC du Loiret, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah, the Center - Val de Loire and Île-de-France regions, the Loiret General Council and the City of Orléans._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

With the support of the Cercil – Memorial Museum of the Children of Vel d'Hiv, the Museum of Art and History of Judaism (MahJ), the Italian Cultural Center of Paris and the League for Human Rights (LdH) .

This show got theLabel Missionof the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Liberation of the Camps.

Tour history

since the takeover in 2015

From April 12 to 162022

Iris Theater -Villeurbanne(69)

7April 2022

The dome -Saumur(49)

April 1, 2022

Neez workshop -Jurancon(64)

March 29, 2022

Marie Bell Gymnasium Theater -Paris(75)

April 30, 2021

ATJurancon (64)

From Tuesday 16 to Saturday 20 March 2021

Iris Theater in Villeurbanne (69)


February 4, 2021

ATSaumur (49)

December 9, 2020

Marie Bell Gymnasium Theater inParis (75)

From 05 November to 12 December 2020(18 performances)

Marie Bell Gymnasium Theater inParis (75)canceled health crisis

From March 30 to April 04, 2020(8 performances)

Iris Theater inVilleurbanne (69)canceled health crisis

March 26, 2020

Shoah Memorial in Paris (75)canceled health crisis


March 24 and 25, 2020

Mirror City ofCork (Belgium)-canceled health crisis

October 11, 2019 (2 performances)

Peskine Theater - History rendezvous in Blois (41)

July 31, 2019 

Casino - Theater and literature in Normandy inTrouville sur mer(14)

From 05 to 28 July 2019 (23 performances)

Presence Pasteur atAvignon (84)

June 15, 2019

Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation inParis (75)

May 23, 2019 (2 performances)

Robert Desnos media library in Montreuil (93)

September 15, 2018

Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation inParis(75)

May 19, 2018

Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation inParis (75)

July 13, 2017

Surveyor's Festival at Les Adrets (38)







June 28, 2017

Notre-Dame de Cïteaux College in Kigali (Rwanda)


June 30, 2017 

Residence of Belgium inKigali (Rwanda)

May 18, 2017

Theater ofDijon (21)


April 26, 2017

Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris (75)

March 30, 2017

Theater of Dreux (28)

December 10, 2017

Jacques Brel Theater intalange(57)

December 1 and 2, 2016(2 performances)

Theater ofFerney Voltaire(01)

From November 29 to 30, 2016 (4 performances)

Valère Theater inIf we (Swiss)

November 18, 2016

MJC Jacques Tati in Orsay (91)

November 09, 2016

The Column Theater inMiramas (13)

From 04 to 10 May 2016 (2 performances)

Theater Firmin Gémier La Piscine in Chatenay-Malabry (92)

May 20, 2016

La Courée cultural center incollege student (77)

April 29, 2016

Lionel Boutroouche cultural center in Ingredient (45)

November 10, 2015

Theater Auditorium atPoitiers (86)

October 20, 2015

ATP des Vosges / Cultural Center inEpinal (88)

October 02, 2015

Moulin de Grais Theater inVerrieres-le-Buisson (91)

From 04 to 26 July 2015 (12 performances)

King René Theater in Avignon(84)

April 16, 2015

CERCIL / House of Arts and Music inOrleans(45)

From March 2 to May 26, 2015(26 performances)

Theater Essay at Paris(75)

Production / Broadcast

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