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She has been composing and arranging music since 2010.   She won her First Prize for original composition at the age of 13, and since then she has won nine other First Prizes in pan-Hellenic music competitions and Europeans. She participated in three international film soundtrack competitions and was a finalist in two of them. 

She has collaborated with the Greek Olympic Games Committee, the French Institute and the French Embassy in Greece, with ARTE, TV5, Athens Concert Hall, as well as several directors.

She has composed for short films and plays.

His music has been performed at the Olympic Stadium in Greece, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Ancient Theater of Dion, the Athens Concert Hall, the French Embassy in Greece, the French Institute in Greece, the Athens Plaza hotel and many more…

Sophia Alexandrou

Greek composer and musician

Jacques Bondoux
Sophia Alexandrou

Jacques Bondoux


An actor since 1972, he worked with Jacques Livchine at the Théâtre de l'Unité (from the Avare & Co to the 2CV theatre), then  with Pierre Trapet (Les Chaussures de Mme Gilles), Jean Louis Benoit (A night at the Élysées), Anne Marie Lazarini (Mathuselah, Vassa Geleznova, La station Champbaudet, L'habit vert, Works and days, Labiche in three acts, Marriage(s), Portrait of a woman ) and also Gérard Darier, Patrice Douchet, Yvan Morane, Christian Dente, Jean Maisonnave (Uncle Vania)...


He toured with Bertrand Tavernier, Gérard Krawczyck, Christian Merret Palmer, Philippe Labro, Laurent Bouhnik, Jean Pierre Sentier, Jean Schmidt, Jean Loup Hubert, Patrick Jamain, Nicolas Ribowski, Pierre Boutron, Elizabeth Rappeneau, Denis Malleval, Bernard Malaterre, Frédéric Berthe, Bruno Garcia...  

He is the director of the shows of the Sentimentale Compagnie which he created with Catherine Chauvière with the ambition of adapting novels by authors as diverse as Flaubert (Emma Bovary), Edme Boursault (Lettresamoures d'une dame to a horseman),  Junichiro Tanizaki (The shameless confession), Pascale Roze (Talk to me), Jules Renard (The mistress) and Henry James (The turn of the screw).


For other companies, he has staged Platonov by Tchekov, Les grosses rêveuses by Paul Fournel, and a concert of contemporary music (Ligetti, Escaich, etc.) for armucom.

Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he plays in the shows "Tracks..." And "Operation Romeo - Czechoslovakia, 1984".

Gérard Cherqui

Gerard Cherqui


Trained notably at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. In the theater, he works with Frédéric Fisbach, Angela Konrad, Chattie Salamon, Ruth Handlen, Gilles Bouillon, Dominique Lurcel, Patrick Haggiag,... both classical authors (Euripides, Molière, Marivaux, Shakespeare...), and contemporary ( Christophe Pellet, Boumil Hrabal, Primo Levi, Strindberg, Kafka...). He also participated in various workshops with Robert Cantarella, Jean-Louis Benoît, Jean-Pierre Sarrazac, Jean Lacornerie, Anna Furse...


For cinema and television, he works for Charlie Van Damme (The Violin Player, Cannes Film Festival 1993), Pascal Aubier (The Son of Gascony), Bob Swaim, Ian Toynton, Yves Boisset (Jean Moulin - France 2), Philippe Lioret (I'm fine, don't worry), Raoul Peck (La Vallée), Marc Fitoussi (The life of an artist), Benoît Cohen (Our beloved children -  Seasons 01 and 02 - Canal+).


Staging: Outrages Ordinaires by Julie Gilbert with the actors of l'Oiseau-mouche, maison des Métallos; "Lost in Alaska" multimedia show (MAC de Créteil creation, MontSaint Aignan art center, Vendôme scene); "Algiers-Algiers" (reading Petit-Odéon, creation Tilf, national stage Châlons en Champagne, th. Antoine Vitez Aix en Provence); "The Ballad of the Old Sailor" (translation - creation of Culture Commune, Interférences Belfort festival); "Arié the lion by Larissa Cain (Museum of Jewish Art and History); "At an uncertain hour" montage of poems by Primo Levi; "Primo Levi and Ferdinando Camon: conversations" (film and internet production);" Green what to where" (short film production with M. Amalric, Ph. Morier-Genoud).


Author: dramas and adaptations for Radio France (Loves on the sidelines by Yoko Ogawa, soap opera Roland furieux for France Culture, etc.), scripts and short films.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he performed "Primo Levi" in the show"Primo Levi and Ferdinando Camon: Conversations"Directed by Dominique Lurcel.

Tristant Cottin
Trombi T Cottin fev 22.jpg







Born in Nevers in 1992, Tristan Cottin began his theatrical training at the conservatory of the 12th arrondissement in Paris, he continued it at the theater studio in Asnière and obtained the DNSPC at ENSATT, under the direction of Julie Berès, Laurent Gutmann, Michel Didym .


After graduating, he became an academician at the Comédie-Française for a year and worked with Eric Ruf, Katharina Thalbach, Ivo van Hove, Denis Podalydès, Christiane Jatahy, Clément Hervieu-léger and Anne Kessler. He is currently an actor on the project "The horizon of events", directed by Léa Perret as well as "Their children after them",   directed by Hugo roux. Since 2019 he has created the play '' On faire sans '' and currently has 40 performances in Paris and Avignon. With the latter, he obtained two nominations "at the little Molières" (best play and best actor) 

Tristan is also a short film director and co-creator of the YouTube and Instagram channel "we will do without" and actively participates in the creation of sketches and diversions. He is also a musician and composes for short films and theater shows.

He is part of the "Kraft theater" company and collaborates in the creation of 5 shows within the collective.

Tristant Cottin

Comedian, musician

Laurent Dupont

Laurent Dupont

puppeteer actor


Actor, puppeteer and director, he trained in theater and masked acting with Renaud Robert of the Compagnie du Faux Col, of which he is an associate artist. In puppetry, he works different techniques: the sheath, the rod, the theater of shadows, the theater of objects... Alain Recoing (Théâtre aux Mains Nus), Patrick Conan (Cie Garin Trousseboeuf), Jim Henson (Muppet show) or Romuald Colinet (Cie La Pendue) are his references as well as Jacques Templeraud (Théâtre Manarf) with whom he trained in object theatre.


As an actor and puppeteer, he plays and sometimes makes puppets for the Compagnie du Faux Col (MES Renaud Robert) in the shows: "Under the mask you are mortal poor orphan" by Jean Gabriel Nordmann, "Habaka" (Traditional canvas sheath), "Effigy(s)" (texts by Renaud Robert), "La Maison Dieu" by Jean Gabriel Nordmann. Still for the Faux Col company, he is a director and created the puppets of "Cage(s)", "the watchmaker at dawn" by Yves Heurté, "En Criant" after Henri Bauchau, and " TRACHEU".


Laurent Dupont is also a painter, under the pseudonym "Mangepapier". He produced numerous works including, between 1993 and 1999, a fresco on the ceiling of 73 panels in Villechauve (41). He has repeatedly exhibited...


He is a puppeteer for L'Hectare - Stage approved for the arts of puppetry and the Théâtre d'Objets  in Vendôme.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he manipulates and interprets the character of Papydou in the show for young audiences"Say say remember".

Rémi Goutalier

Remi Goutalier



He started at a very young age at the theater in Lyon, during Janine Berdin's drama class in "Poil de Garotte" by J.Renard. He then played at the Théâtre Tête d'Or in Lyon in "La Farce" by Maître Pathelin, directed by J.Boeuf. In 2003, he passed the Free Class competition at the Florent school, where he played and directed "Amadeus" by P.Schaffer; show for which he will be nominated Best Actor Florent 2004. He plays in "Musée Haut, Musée Bas" by and directed by JMRibes at the Théâtre du Rond Point. In parallel with his job as an actor, he lends his voice to the radio dramas of France Culture where he interprets roles like Pinocchio, Tom Sawyer or Stalin...


He participated twice in the Ondes du Quartz festival in Brest, directed by Myron Meerson.

On the cinema side, Rémi plays in the adaptation of "Musée Haut, Musée Bas", and in 2009 he plays the main character of the medium-length film "Icare en Tombant" by C. Lowden.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he interprets the character of Leonardo in the show for young audiences"Say say remember".

Elisa Habibi
Elisa Habibi - comédienne.jpg

Elisa Habibi


After training at Cours Florent, she entered the Studio Théâtre d'Asnières as an apprentice actress and graduated in 2016. She played "Les grandes espoirs" by Charles Dickens, directed by Marjorie Nakache presented from 2015 to 2016 then in 2018 at the Avignon Festival.

She also played "Les mainsfroides" by Marilyn Mattéï, directed by Charlotte Desserre and Nicolas Candoni (2015/2016), "Must Go On" by Nathalie Fillon, directed by Nathalie Fillon and Jean-Marc Hoolbecq (2016 - Union Theater in Limoges and Cartoucherie in Paris)…

She is currently working on two creations: "Berlin, on the other side of the wall" by Sandrine Gauvin directed by Lucie Navarre and "Monstruation" by Claire Bosse-Platière, directed by Claire Bosse-Platière. She has also shot for cinema and television, notably in "The Last Days" by the Larrieu Brothers, "Imogene" by Alexandre Charcot and Franck Manier, "Cloclo" by Florent Emilio Siri and in "Disparition" (France 3 series).

Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, she plays the Child, in the play for young audiences "A life there" (creation February 2021).


Jaromir Janecek

Jaromir Janecek

Czech translator and actor


Jaromír Janeček was born in 1947. He enrolled at the Faculty of Arts in Prague where he studied French and Russian. At the same time, he worked as an actor at the Za Branou theater of Otomar Krejča in Prague (a theater which, in 1972, was forced to close its doors for political reasons). In 1985, he completed his training as a director at the Faculty of Theater (JAMU) in Brno.


Then he worked as an actor, director and artistic director in various troupes in Prague, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Český Těšín, Šumperk, Opava, Příbram...

He plays as an actor in several French films and TV films including: Jean Moulin, D´Artagnan, Rue Lauriston, La Dame d'Izieu, La Môme, Chateaubriand, Manipulation...


He is currently the artistic director of Studio Saint-Germain in Prague, founded in 2008 and supported by the French Embassy to defend contemporary French-speaking dramatic literature there for the Czech public.

He translates into Czech a large number (about sixty) of plays by French authors including Yasmina Reza, Roland Topor, Jean Marie Besset, Romain Weingarten, Noëlle Chatelet… He recently translated from Czech to French (pour les_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Éditions Théâtrales) the play by Petr Zelenka, "Short story of ordinary madness". He translates French, Russian and Croatian plays and texts.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he is an actor in "Operation Romeo - Czechoslovakia, 1984"and realized its translation from Slovak, with Claire Vidoni.

Charles Leplomb

Charles Leplomb



In 2009, he entered the Studio Théâtre d'Asnières where he followed the school's two-year training and then joined the CFA for actors.
He has acted in several Studio Théâtre productions, notably Un bon petit Diable by the Comtesse de Ségur, under the direction of Yveline Hamon and Jean-Louis Martin-Barbaz, One of the Last Carnival Evenings by Goldoni, Massacre Games by Ionesco and Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare directed by Hervé Van Der Meulen. He is also assistant director for Hervé Van Der Meulen on Dance-Floor Memories by Lucie Depauw at the Studio-Théâtre de la Comédie Française in 2015. With the Studio Théâtre de Stains, he participates in the project of Marjorie Nakache, De Grandes Espérances by Dickens performed at the Avignon Festival and then on tour.


Currently he works within several collectives and in particular PRIS DANS LES PHARES, since 2015, directed by Laurette Tessier and LA NOTTE, created on the initiative of Noémie Fourdan and Charlotte Desserre.
As a director, he staged Littoral or the epic quest for identity, adaptation of the text by Wajdi Mouawad at the Studio Théâtre d'Asnières in 2014, then in 2017, Antigone by Sophocle with the company LA NOTTE, currently on tour. .


At the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he played Tom in the Company's latest creation, "The Glass Menagerieby Tennessee Williams.

Jean-Pierre Legrand

Jean Pierre Legrand

Light designer and manager, photographer


From 1997 to 2000, he held the position of sound manager at the Jacques Cœur Theater for the Printemps de Bourges. Then, he worked on the Car Podium of the Center Region - Val de Loire and the Musicalies festival in Sologne...


As general manager, he worked for the Spectacle en recommended festival in La Rochelle, the AERCS, the city of Ingré, the JMF shows, on the cultural season and the festivals of the city of St-Jean de Braye ...

Since 2015, he has been touring France with the group Tri Yann.


He was light designer and general tour manager for the Center de Musique Ancienne de Tours, the Ensemble Jacques Moderne de Tours, the Eponyme dance company, "Les ingénu(e)s" for Ouvem'Azulis, "Plaza de Mayo " for Cin d'œil with a tour in Jordan, "Albatross" and "Sorcière...witch" for Cie Les gens de la lune, "We're fed up with love", according to Xavier Durringer for the company Le grand souk...


Since 1996, he has produced photo reports and video creations for various companies: Clin d'oeil, Les gens de la Lune, Eponyme, Ouvem'azulis, the Théâtre de l'Antidote, Emma et la voix du swing, the ensemble Jacques Modern...


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he is the light manager of the shows "You can not stop progress !" And"Rails". He is general manager of the show "Operation Romeo - Czechoslovakia, 1984". He is the light designer and general manager of the show "Ah what a find a job!". He also produces several series of photographs of some of our shows.

Dominique Lurcel

Dominique Lurcel

Director and adapter


Dominique Lurcel was a literature teacher for thirty years. He was notably one of the founders of the Lycée Autogéré de Paris, where he taught for fifteen years. At the same time, he has always practiced theatre. Studies with Bernard Dort, university theater with Philippe Léotard and the future Théâtre du Soleil, 1st Nancy Festival (1963). Then, in 1968, he met Armand Gatti, for whom he directed five plays, as part of a thirty-year partnership. In 1983, he published Théâtre de Foire au XVIIIe (Ed. 10-18/ Christian Bourgois), an anthology at the origin of many shows: Jean-Louis Barrault made it, in 1986, that of the 40th anniversary of the Cie Renaud-Barrault . It involves Dominique Lurcel in all phases of its development. Between 1989 and 1997, with different companies, he professionally staged: "Lenz by Büchner", "Things Commons" on texts by Georges Perec, "Supplement to the Voyage of Bougainville" (Diderot), "Passion simple" (Annie Ernaux ), The Cup and the Lips (Musset), "Waiting for Grouchy" (from Dubillard's Diablogues), and "Nathan le sage by Lessing, a play he translated and later edited in the Folio-Théâtre collection (Gallimard), after staging it a second time in 2004.


In 1997, he created his own company, Passeurs de Mémoires, within which he created fifteen shows.


All his life, he wanted to articulate theatrical practices and pedagogical practices. Passionate about the question of transmission, he has, alongside his professional creations, regularly developed actions et  projects with amateurs, favoring meetings with "visible minorities", but also in prison. . His approach is clearly part of a public service theater, inherited from Jean Vilar: primacy of meaning, carried by strong writings: a theater of the verb, anchored in the most current questions of society, in permanent quest exchanges with different audiences, and driven by the question, posed by Lessing, of "what brings people together and what separates them".


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he co-signs the adaptation and directs the show "Primo Levi and Ferdinando Camon: Conversations"

Marie Millan
Marie Millan 2019.jpg

Mary Millan

Actress and puppeteer

Trained at the Ecole Claude Mathieu and at the Théâtre aux Mains Nues, Marie Millan made her debut as a puppeteer alongside François Lazaro in the Clastic theater with the show for the planet (2008-2011). She trained in the construction of articulated puppets at the Nave as well as with Ma Fuliang (Cie du petit cheval) from whom she received traditional Chinese teaching for the manufacture of table puppets while Jean-Pierre Lescot taught her the techniques of shadow theatre.

She then created the Cie l'Artisanie in which she set up "The country where everything is permitted" (2009-2012), "Only the sea" according to the Israeli author Amos Oz (2012-2013), "Less d'poubelles", street show commissioned by the Paris City Hall (2012-2013) and "Le coeur de Maman" for early childhood (2015-2018). She also collaborates with various companies including the Baraque Liberté for which she creates objects and puppets for "Unknown story of the town told on a tank", played at the Théâtre du Soleil or the Cies la Cuillère or Graine de Cailloux, In 2018 she signs the scenography of the show "Kusomo and his Jalak of Bali" for the school program of the Théâtre de la Ville. And in 2020, for the show "Madame la France", with the company La Baraque Liberté.

Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, she plays the role of the Presence, in the show for young audiences "A life there" (creation February 2021).

Vincent Mongourdin

Antoinette Praizelin

Vincent Mongourdin

Light designer


Originally from Savoy, he arrived in Paris in 1982 after having participated as stage manager in several shows of his actor and director parents in Chambéry, he then perfected his own experiences of light in theater and events, notably at the MC 93 in Bobigny and at the Ferme du Buisson de Noisiel, which allowed him to meet directors such as André Engel, Mathiass Langhoff, Hans Peter Klaus... and to work with lighting designers such as Jean Kalman, André Diot...


He began his light designs at the Jazz and dance festivals of Marne la Vallée, then went on to a fifteen-year adventure of light design with the West Indian group "Kassav'" at more than 350 concerts around the world. After having lit numerous concerts at the Élysée-Montmartre and at the Zénith de Paris, such as Steel Pulse, Rage Agains't The Machine, Body Count, Ray Charles, Macéo Parker, he designed the lights for the Reggae Festivals, and Afros au Zenit of Paris.


He also designs the lights for the “Nijinsky”, Dance Awards at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Artists like Laurent Voulzy, Clarika, Princess Érika, William Sheller, Guy Marchand, Michel Leeb, Eddy Mitchell, Vincent Baguian, Berry, "Les Grands Gamins", the group "ZUT", Michal Kwiatkowski, Sirius Plan, Ysa Ferrer, Elisa Tovati... appeal to his collaboration. Fashion and events also call on him to design luminous universes, from Karl Lagerfeld to Cartier jewelry or L'Officiel de la Mode, from Renault to Vivendi Universal or from Honda to Man...

Didier Spade, owner of the "new France" reconstruction project called on him for the exterior and interior lighting design of this Prestige Vessel.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he creates the light for the shows"Operation Romeo - Czechoslovakia, 1984", "The Glass Menagerie"by Tennessee Williams and the Last Young Audience Show"A life there".

Christophe Sechet

Christophe Séchet

Sound designer and musician


Since 1987,  Christophe Sechet has collaborated on numerous theatre, contemporary dance and circus creations as well as films, video installations, events and exhibitions, composing music and sound environments. In 1989, Christophe Sechet obtained the Villa Medicis hors-les-murs scholarship (stay in New York).


At the theater, he produced a dozen creations for Yves Beaunesne including "Partage de Midi" and "L'Échange" by Paul Claudel, "Le Canard Sauvage" by Ibsen. With Ahmed Madani, he participated in more than ten shows, including "Illuminations", "I walk in the night by a bad path", "Ernest or How to Forget", "Beware of the Pierre à Barbe". He also worked with Christophe Lidon, Philippe Genty, Jacques David, Nathalie Fillion, Patrice Douchet, Elizabeth Maccoco, René Chéneau, Vincent Lacoste and Christine Pouquet.


In the field of contemporary dance, it is with Mathilde Monnier that he has often collaborated (a dozen shows created) but also with Jean-François Duroure, Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux, Christine Bastin, Rui Horta, Farid Berki. He created the music for the show "Interieur-Nuit" by the circus dancer Jean-Baptiste André, and for "Vita Nova" for the Center National du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne (11th promotion).

Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he produced the sound creation for the shows Les Variations Huston, Des Rails..., Germaine Tillion: memory and reason and Opération Roméo.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he creates the sound universe of the shows "The Houston Variations", "tracks","Germaine Tillion: memory and reason","Operation Romeo - Czechoslovakia, 1984", "The Glass Menagerie"by Tennessee Williams and the Last Young Audience Show"A life there". In 2015, he also accompanied Éric Cénat, in prison, for the recording of the reading aloud of poems by Jacques Prévert, interpreted by the prisoners and created a sound universe to accompany them.

Nicolas Senty
Nicolas Senty.jpg

Nicolas Senty

Comedian, Singer and Musician

From 1990 to 1994, in the troupe of the Conservatoire National de Région de Nancy, he

plays around twenty classical and contemporary authors, from Euripides to A.Miller. In 1994, he obtained a 1st prize in dramatic art and a 1st prize in diction. From 1994 to 1998, he co-directed the Compagnie de l'Imprimerie in Avignon with which he created eight shows combining contemporary writing (Koltès, Myniana, Novarina, Grégo...), dance (studied during numerous internships with renowned choreographers) and music (vocals and guitar).

Permanent actor at the Ring in Avignon between 1999 and 2001, he continues to explore the theater

contemporary playing, in particular, "Hyènes" by Ch.Siméon, "Le vol du papillon" by Kallouaz and "Mardi 24" by Marie Pagès and himself. While performing numerous public readings and initiating several multidisciplinary projects. He has since acted extensively in the theatre, notably "Les Chaises" by Ionesco (his fifteenth participation in the Festival d'Avignon as an actor), "Le Bouc" by Fassbinder, two plays by D.Keene, "Ce que dit les voice" by L.Boltanski and "Le Roland" by H. Tillette from Clermont-Tonnerre. He is also part of several collectives including “À Mots Découvertes” where he carries out public reading work, reading direction and dramaturgical assistance for theater authors. During regular performances or even during stagings commissioned from him, he passionately continues his research on transdisciplinarity (texts, improvisation, dance, circus and music).

Since 1994, he has acted in sixty plays, from Euripides to Koltès, from Corneille to Pasolini,

from Feydeau to Süskind. Currently, he collaborates in particular with the Irruption Theater, À Mots Découvertes, the Aquarium Theater, Pieces Mounted, Les Attracteurs Étranges and Les Passeurs d'ondes... Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he plays in the show musical"Ah what a find a job!", resumed in 2020.


Charlotte Villermet

Charlotte Villermet

Scenographer and costume designer


Charlotte Villermet was trained at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Dramatique of the National Theater of Strasbourg.

From 1988 to 1998 she created the sets and costumes for "Me someone" and "Goutttes d'eau sur pierre brûlée" directed by Bernard Bloch, "Surprise" and "Agnès" directed by Catherine Anne at the TGP , "La Voix du tube" directed by Jacques Rebotier, and "Les Troyenne"s directed by Solange Oswald CDN Dijon. She created the costumes for "Jardin de reconnaissance" directed by Valère Novarina at the Théatre de l'Athénée, "Milarepat l'homme de coton" directed by Bruno Abraham-Kremer Vidy Lausanne, "Le Repas" directed by by Claude Buchwald Center George Pompidou, "La Rue du château" and "Lisbeth is completely crazy", "la camargo" directed by Michel Didym Open Theater.


From 1998 to 2012 she created the sets and costumes for the productions of Nathalie Fillion, "Alex Le grand" at the Théatre des 2 rives de Charenton, at the Center Dramatique de Bretagne "Pling" and at the Rond point "A L'Ouest". ", by Alain Mollot at the Théâtre Romain Rolland in Villejuif, by Olivier Brunhes, by Didier Ruiz, by Catherine Verlaguet, by Christine Mananzar, by Alison Hornus at the Studio Théâtre de la Comédie Française.

She creates the sets for certain shows by Laurence Andreini, Jean-Claude Seguin, Valérie Grail, Jorge Lavelli at the Théâtre Antique de Fourvière, Catherine Anne at the TGP,  Antoine Herbez…She is co-artistic director , scenographer and costume designer of "Lo Li Ta" by Marie De La Gueronniere Dublin/Sligo…


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, she creates the scenography and costumes for the shows "An ordinary man for four special women", "The walking dust...","You can not stop progress !", "Tracks", "Ah what a find a job!""The Glass Menagerie"by Tennessee Williamsand the last show for young audiences"A life there".

Marc Wyseur

Marc Wyseur

Actor, director and singer


Trained at the Rouen Conservatory, Marc Wyseur has worked with Stella Serfaty, Nadine Varoutsikos, Ivan Morane, Manuel Rebjock, Sophie Renaud, Jean-Claude Gal...; in plays by Molière, Corneille, Musset, Calaferte, Feydeau, Rouahbi...
He creates with Laurent Veil the Company Les Palétuviers which will be in residence for three years at the National Scene of Creusot. He thus staged several musical shows: The memory that sings, What remains of their loves, Forward... From theater to song through musical shows of contemporary writing, both theatrical and musical, he likes to find himself in original forms of shows, combining texts and music.

Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, Marc Wyseur played in "The walking dust..." then he conceived and performed with Claire Vidoni "Love Salads".Subsequently, he directs the show "The Houston Variations". He also played in one of the last creations,"Operation Romeo - Czechoslovakia, 1984".

Laura Segré

Laura Segre



Trained at the CFA des Comédiens d'Asnières directed by Hervé Van Der Meulen, she was also a student for two years at the Conservatoire Municipal Claude Debussy (75017) in dramatic art. She has performed several times at the Petit Hébertot theater (75017) and at the Studio d'Asnières theater as part of class work performances.

She played during the summer of 2014 inMadame's Late Motherand theBear Cobblestonesby Feydeau in a production by Côme Lesage/Compagnie les Francs Menteurs at the Belleville theater in Paris. She also plays in the playWintersby Jon Fosse, directed by Mathieu Barché, which won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Prize at the Nanterre s/Scène festival in 2014.The show was also performed at the Arsène festival in Arras in 2015 and in Paris.

After several projects, she took part in the Rencontres internationales de théâtre en Corse internship in 2016 directed by Robin Rennuci, during which she performed in the playForeign Bodiesby Aiat Fayez directed by Mathieu Roy.

During the 16/17 season, she plays inYouth Diseaseby F. Bruckner directed by Philippe Baronnet. She also plays inNathan the Wisestaged by Dominique Lurcel at L'Épée de bois, but also in Cartoucherie de Vincennes, and inThe hole in my heart, the whole world, from Stanislas Cotton to Gilgamesh Belleville in Avignon.

Also in theSpring Awakeningdirected by Marion Conejero, a project supported by the house of Maria Casarès and in Aile Déchirée by Adrien Guitton at the Théâtre de l'Athénée.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, she lends her voice for the show "The Houston Variations"from The Goldberg Variations by Nancy Huston, directed by Marc Wyseur.

From 2011 to 2013, she starred in the show "Tracks", according toThe Prose of the Trans-Siberianby Blaire Cendrars andthe Aérotrain, a dream in ashesby Patrice Delbourg, directed by Éric Cénat. She plays in the Company's latest creation, "The Glass Menagerieby Tennessee Williams.

Mathieu Barché

Mathieu Barche

Actor, assistant director


After having followed a theatrical training at the Lycée Dessaignes in Blois, then at the DEUST Arts du Spectacle under the direction of Guillaume Dujardin in Besançon, Mathieu Barché joined the school of the Studio d'Asnières and at the same time finished his master's degree in theater research at the University de Nanterre Paris X. Since 2010, he has been part of the permanent team of the Nuits de Joux festival in Pontarlier, where he plays in fifteen plays under the direction of five directors.

In 2015, he created and directed the company La Chevauchée. He directed Hivers, based on texts by Jon Fosse, a show with which he won the Grand Jury Prize at the Nanterre sur Scène festival in 2014, then he staged, in the form of stage writing, Plateau N°1 and Keratoconjunctivitis which won the High School Student Prize at the Nanterre sur Scène festival in 2015.

He is also part of the Apache Group in Bordeaux and plays in the Project / Molière and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and later in the next creation Partoi. In 2016, he played under the direction of Alexis Armengol in Impeccable by Mariette Navarro, which toured around fifty college classes in the Jura and Switzerland.


At the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he was an assistant director on the Company's latest creation, "The Glass Menagerieby Tennessee Williams.

©Sylvie Dupic

Augustin Passard

 Augustin Passard



After a literary baccalaureate, theater option, at the Lycée Molière in 2010; a degree in Theatrical Studies at La Sorbonne and a year at Cours Florent, Augustin joined the 2nd year of the School of Studio-Théâtre d'Asnières.

Within the outgoing promotion of the CFA of actors, a structure directed by Hervé Van Der Meulen, he was able to meet speakers such as Agathe Alexis, Bruno Boulzaguet, Lionel Gonzales, Nathalie Fillion, Stéphanie Loïk, Anne Delbée, Yves Bombay, Christophe Raymond.

During his career, he had the opportunity to approach directors such as Jean Louis Martin-Barbaz (La Résistible Ascension d'Arturo Ui), Hervé Van Der Meulen (Jeux de massacres, Lots of Noise for Nothing), Yveline Hamon (Penthesilea, Hunting Scenes in Bavaria, The Little Model Girls), Grégoire Ingold (Rat-fight), René Loyon (La Double inconstance).

He went on several occasions to interdisciplinary courses such as L'Aria (Corsica), Demain Le Printemps (Minsk), The Watermill Center (New York) and was able to work with renowned personalities such as Robin Renucci and Robert Wilson.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he plays in the November 2018 creation of the Company, "La Ménagerie de Verre" by Tennessee Williams.

Stéphane Liger

Stephane Liger

General manager

A graduate of the CFPTS in sound management but also in concert sound improvement, Stephan Liger has skills in general management but also sound and light.

Before working for the Imprévu, he worked for several public authorities such as the Town Hall of Saint-Jean-de-Bray, Orléans or that of Chartres as part of the festival of lights. But he also works for the private or contracted sector in several companies such as Compagnie Caméléon. He has been working since 1996 at the Scène Nationale in Orléans. Then he worked for the Exobus Theater from 1997 to 2002.

He is also a decorator for films likethousand and oneby Alain Gomis in 2005 andThe Beehiveby Laura Townsend in 2015.

Since 2015, he has worked for the Comédie des Champs Élysée. But he was also a trainer at Laser Formation in 2017 for young people wanting to become sound light technicians.

He also completed two trainings recently at Whiti audio formation, one in 2017 on Midas M32 consoles and one in 2018 on system calibration.


Within the Théâtre de l'Imprévu, he is general stage manager for shows on tour and in particular for "The Glass Menagerieby Tennessee Williams.

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