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You can not stop progress !

Verbal and singing fantasy

Texts by Raymond Devos, Francis Blanche, Pierre Dac, Alphonse Allais,
Félix Fénéon, Brigitte Fontaine... Songs by Boris Vian, Juliette, Gilles and Julien, Henri Salvador, Alain Souchon...


Raymond and Raymond enter the scene, face to face: briefcase, dark suits, like two timeless cousins of Dupont and Dupond. One hums, the other grumbles. They would like to talk about technological, scientific, social or even metaphysical progress… but very quickly their words get out of hand. Raymond and Raymond engage in an explosion of surreal and wacky puns.


And they sing! Stories of founders of wooden cobblestones, front-wheel drive, sarrusophones or blisters, waffle guns, smart cards, delicate dragonflies or electronic gravediggers...

François Rascal (the singer) plays the guitar and the guitalele… Éric Cénat (the grumbler) handles maracas and rattles of all kinds… what do you want…

You can not stop progress !




Created in September 2008
at the Steam Mill in Olivet (45)
The show was played in particular
in the Center Region - Loire Valley,
in the Paris region,
in Paris at the Essaïon Theater for 2 months,
and in the Czech Republic,
for a total of74 performances


Artistic team


Design:Francois Rascal and Eric Cenat

Interpretation:Eric CenatAndFrancois Rascal

Staging:Jacques Dupont
Suits:Charlotte Villermet

Lights:Philippe Debray



Press extracts


A duo full of talent, with a skilfully chosen repertoire.

'A beautifully rehearsed team' - 'Both with their talent on stage, performed their repertoire which flowed flawlessly and was appreciated throughout the evening.'

A large and delighted audience

"The two actors have brilliantly explored a very current vision of surrealism".
"It was fun, full of humor, full of common sense and messages to be deciphered. They happily discussed smart cards, sustainable development, the biglotron... The evening (...) had a real success."

Raymond and Raymond: an explosive duo

"The very first show of the cultural season was sold out (...) This subtle verbal fantasy (...) was a real treat for the spectators."

A delicious, burlesque and humorous moment
The Théâtre de l'Imprévu performed at the remand center

"We are here to restore beauty, taste, self-esteem, to provide a key for preparing for the release. (...) In turn conquered, this public has granted the Orleans company a nice standing ovation. Real moment of sharing."

"Looking sinister, they hear us talk about scientific progress. Not frankly hilarious? On the contrary. Because suddenly everything goes wrong. Texts by Raymond Devos, Pierre Dac and songs by Juliette, Brigitte Fontaine, Alain Souchon or Boris Vian come (fortunately) interfere with their remarks. Performed by the excellent Éric Cénat and François Rascal, this "verbal and singing fantasy" cheerfully mixes absurdity and surrealism. With an invigorating freshness.(...) La République du Center

"This verbal and singing comedy knew how to keep all its promises in front of an audience who came to fill the room of the Dungeon. (...) progress and current events were the privileged targets of these two talented artists. By winning the unanimity of the public, this first show was a great success..." Le Courrier du Loiret


"An entertaining show (...) which is intended to be "a source of simple emotions, laughter, generosity, stage/room intimacy, in short of pleasure" (...) Two clownish characters named Raymond, real fraternal twins avatars of the famous tintinesque twinship, deliver an amusing duettist number that is a little offbeat with beautiful exercises in verbal velocity." Froggy's Delight

"Two of them bring almost a century of texts to life in a short format but with a staggering density and intensity. (...) Very funny, quite caustic, with a straight-cut staging." Culture Company

"In a sharp and relevant staging by Jacques Dupont, Éric Cénat and François Rascal, escaped from a painting by Magritte, know how to handle derision and burlesque, text and song, the piston and the guitar. Delicious !pariscope

"Progress has lead in the lineup. But there's joy in the air! We can't stop laughing." D.Dumas, theaters


L'Imprévu enchants the media library

"Some 170 spectators attended the complicit show by François Rascal and Éric Cénat. (...) This quirky cabaret show is, given the laughter raised, more than recommended for the "sustainable development" of zygomatics." The Republic of the Center


We don't stop progress, jubilant spectacle

"Extraordinarily ju-bi-la-toire! We can't stop progress, a new show by the Théâtre de l'Imprévu has been created, at the Moulin de la Vapeur in Olivet, which was sold out. Attention! Raymond and Raymond take the stage and already these characters are comical. On texts by Devos, our two Raymonds run, run and run again... Throughout the evening, there are cascades of words, whimsical and hilarious around the theme of progress, beautiful texts but also songs. The waves that cross Raymond, the "automobilesque" progress, "the combustion engine" to the tune of a "Sweet Song": it had to be done and it's gigantic. Rarely seen , a breath of fresh air, a pure and true moment of happiness." The Republic of the Center

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