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Creation: 2016 at the Museum of the Great War in Meaux (77)

Design and interpretation: Claire Vidoni

Partnership:Penitentiary Service for Integration and Probation of Seine et Marne (77)



“After playing the role of a victim of domestic violence in the playAn ordinary man for four special womenof Slimane Benaïssa, I set up a reading featuring testimonies collected in the form of interviews,abused womenby their spouses.

These women, all housed in a foster home, offered me their word with greattrustand ofcourage. The reading of their stories allowed them to put words to the unspeakable, the unspoken, the taboos.

What I demanded of them, what they gave me with the most sincere commitment, I could not have obtained without the professional support of the social workers who supervised them.

Claire Vidoni- actress

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