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The evils of sport

Creation: 2023

Design and interpretation:Claire Vidoni

Partnership:CROS - Regional Olympic and Sports Committee of Centre-Val-de-Loire (45)

After having done a first work on domestic violence, Claire Vidoni is now interested in the victims of various abuses in the sporting world.

We still know little about the tragedies and the ravages that some athletes have to face, sometimes from an early age: sexual abuse, mistreatment in order to achieve ever better performance, jealousy, stress, caused by competitions. ..etc. 

Convinced that the theater restores all their meaning to the words "valorization" and "self-esteem", Claire Vidoni met, exchanged and listened to a certain number of interlocutors gravitating in the world of sport. Following these interviews, the actress wrote a text that addresses these different questions and experiences through various testimonies.


History oftour

THESaturday February 04, 2023 

Volleyball League,Towers(37)


October 07, 2022 

Wink Theater,Saint-Jean-de-Bray(45).

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