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Creation: 2015

Design and interpretation: Claire Vidoni

Partnership:Association for the Management of Work-Study Training for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (AGEFA PME) and the

Pierre Mendès France Vocational High School in Villiers-Le-Bel (95)


For many reasons, some teenagers give up on staying in the school system. They may have been good students in the past, but as soon as they enter the spiral of dropping out of their studies, they very quickly settle into a situation of failure, rupture, or evenisolation. The idea that was proposed to me by the Association for the Management of Work-Study Training for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (AGEFA PME) was to develop an artistic work around this complex and painful subject.

Hang on to the future
Accrocher l'avenir_Théâtre de l'Imprévu.

I wanted to meet young apprentices who had experienced the horrors of school failure. I collected their words in the form of interviews, then rewrote and interpreted to give them a universal dimension. These young people came from the Vocational High School of Villiers-Le-Bel (95).


The fact that I am a person totally outside the establishment has helped to establish atrust feeling,freeing up the speech of these high school students. Everyone was able to express themselves on their daily life in high school, on their experience, their feelings about dropping out of school and its consequences.


As the sessions progressed, the students seemed to have become aware of their own value and that of others, for some of them, this word given was a real surpassing of oneself! To these stories was added that of an English teacher, whose adult thinking greatly enriched that of young people in the making. By allowing the School to join the artistic, the objective of this work was to lead these young people where the theater gives all their meaning to the words"valuation"And" self esteem ".


Today their experiences and their words are given, transmitted through this reading in which other young people will identify, oppose, react and which will make it possible to loosen tongues and minds on the theme of dropping out of school, perhaps even be for some to hang (or re-hang) the future...

Claire Vidoni- director and actress

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