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The War of 1870
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Creationin partnership with: The Charles Péguy Center and the Orléans Media Library

​Design and interpretation:Eric Cenat

Duration: 1 hour

If the war of 1870 deeply marked, in its time, the collective memory, it is today a neglected period of our History. Symbol of adefeatand onehumiliation, it must however be considered in its true measure, that is to say as the matrix of the two world wars which shook the 20th century.

This war particularly inspired writers at the end of the 19th century. Then opposetwo literary visionsof the event: In order to satisfy many readers, certain authors such as Gustave Aimard or Edmond Ladoucette do not hesitate to transform historical reality in favor of patriotic propaganda aimed at bringing the country to revenge. Others, such as Émile Zola or Georges Darien, tried as early as 1880 to bring their readers towards a more objective, more realistic, more just representation of the facts at the risk of scandalizing the most patriotic citizens.





This one-hour reading aims to immerse the listener in the war of 1870 through a very specific literary source: the short story.


Three authors, who share the common ground of having taken part directly in this conflict, were chosen: Jean Richepin, Léon Bloy and Guy de Maupassant. However, all three differ in their respective ways of apprehending events...

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