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Spring Selection of Poets

Creation: 2004

Design and interpretation: Eric Cenat and Patrice Delbourg

“More than seven hundred quivering and fraternal chronicles, delivered daily by L'Equipe, a mischievous and coruscant flow of sports anthology pages. From joke to cock-a-donkey, from false dish to steep fariboles, Blondin gives its letters of nobility to sports commentary. Thanks to him, intellectuals can read the Team in peace, without hiding or wrapping it up in the Diplomatic World...
Subjected to Proust's famous questionnaire, to the question, what is your favorite pastime, Antoine Blondin invariably answered: “follow the Tour de France”. On his record, 28 tours of France. From 1954 to 1982.
This series of large loops represents approximately 100,000 kilometers, or two and a half times around the earth, looped at 37 kilometers per hour. In the space age, this masochistic circumnavigation may seem trivial, even absurd. It is the root of a rare reading happiness.
Antoine Blondin faithfully follows the Grande Boucle until the day he realizes that two days in a row, he sent the same text… Which was published elsewhere. There is a moment when you have to know how to unhook, even for the follower. Blondin is a passing challenge.
Under the lanterns of a twilight ball, Blondin invites, in turn, our childhood spirit and our disillusions to a slow waltz, morning song parachuted into the falling evening, the sky streaked like a Neapolitan slice, fragile silhouette, unfinished smile, wedged in the bottom of a car from the caravan, brand Peugeot, red color, registration number 101, of which he immutably occupied the rear left seat next to the journalist friend, Pierre Chany. You see that the legend keeps all its teeth like Poulidor's derailleur in the ascent of the Puy de Dôme..."

Patrice Delbourg

Antoine Blondin
Or the irony of sport

Antoine Blondin

- An evocation of Antoine Blondin through twelve short texts written by Patrice Delbourg thus revealing the complexity and richness of an extraordinary man and writer: his attraction for the good word and the beautiful phrase, his difficulty in living and writing, his loyalty in friendship and his lies, his disputes with his publisher, his passion for sport...

- Eleven articles by Antoine Blondin published in the newspaper L'Equipe.

- Pine and games: 1954 (Tour de France)

- The ace "Hassen" always strikes twice: 1956 (Tour de France)

- An eagle in a sock and the rope around its neck: 1957 (Tour de France)

- The cup is full: 1958 (football)

- Across the gorge: 1960 (Tour de France)

- A rooster on the ridge: 1963 (Tour de France)

- 100 meters in full view: 1964 (athletics)

- For a companion: 1965 (Tour de France)

- Haute-Vienne that can: 1967 (Tour de France)

- In the limelight: 1969 (Tour de France)

- The girl of the air: 1976 (Olympic Games/Gymnastics)

- A montage of fifty-one photos projected on a screen. These are photos of Antoine Blondin at different ages  but also photos evoking major sporting events and the champions cited in the articles above.

Creation 2004

June 2004

Limoges Library (87)


Tour history

February 04, 2017

The Thélème Stage atParis(17th)

February 03, 2017

The Thélème Stage atParis(17th)

February 02, 2017

The Thélème Stage atParis(17th)

February 01, 2017

The Thélème Stage atParis(17th)

September 27, 2014

Literary cafe atDecize(58)

May 13, 2014

Town hall from the 2nd toParis


June 09, 2006

Library ofSaint Jean de la Ruelle(45)

December 15, 2006

Theater The shower baths atLignieres(18)


July 13, 2005

Le Cadran Theater inBriancon(05)


June 10, 2005

Library ofCharleville-Mezieres(08)


June 10, 2004

Library ofLimoges(87)



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