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Design and interpretation:Eric Cenat and Patrice Delbourg

Spring Selection of Poets

​"Elusive, rebel, ball of mercury in the hollow of the palm, medium and radio man, joker schoolboy and exalted baroque, author of the most beautiful love songs and producing the most enigmatic texts, Desnos is never where the reader wishes to follow him. Should we see uncertainty or contradiction in the extreme diversity of tone that the voice of Robert-le-Diable can take? Certainly not. There was only in him, the desire to express poetry in all its forms in all its possibilities. Achieve a language that is both popular and accurate,familiar Andplayful, here is the goal  of a unique trajectory eminently modern.


Along with Nerval and Hardelet, he is one of those children from the Marais who “carried within him all the dreams of the world”. Undoubtedly the most inspired of our sleepwalkers, the most playful among his friendssurreal, journalist of his own drama and prophet of the times to come, Robert Desnos is not made for collective action and thinks that there is an incompatibility between the necessary freedom of the poet and militancy under orders. In this and for his violent love of life even in the mud of Terezin, we must salute our eternal contemporary and our brother in life. »


Patrice Delbourg

Robert Desnos
The man who carried in him all the dreams of the world

An evocation of Robert Desnos through twelve short texts written and read by Patrice Delbourg thus revealing the multiple facets and the multiple facets of a man and a poet  out of the ordinary:

1- The child of the Marais
2- The street song
3- The surreal collision
4- Automatic writing
5- Hypnotic sleep
6- Chantefables
7-Crazy love
8- Humor
9- Pioneer of radio advertising
10- The tempo under the skin
11- This heart that hated war
12- Terezin Mud


Poems, "chantefables" for children, a deportation letter sent to Youki, a radio drama... born from the pen of Robert Desnos and read by Eric Cénat


A montage of 31 slides projected on a screen by video projector. These are photos of Robert Desnos and his relatives as well as paintings, drawings and oils related to the texts read

Creation 2008

February 04, 2008

French Institute of Prague(Rep. Czech)

Tour history






March 19, 2009

French Alliance of Zaporozhye (Ukraine)


March 17, 2009

French Alliance of Dniepropetrovsk (Ukraine)


March 15, 2009

French Alliance of Lugansk (Ukraine)

March 13, 2009

French Alliance of Donetsk (Ukraine)


March 11, 2009

French Alliance of Sebastopol (Ukraine)


February 13, 2009

Charles Peguy's HouseOrleans(45)

February 03, 2009

Paul Eluard Theater inChoisy-le-Roi(94)

June 22, 2008

All Latitudes Gallery atVincennes(94)

March 15, 2008

Library ofLimoges(87)

March 08, 2008

Library M.Audoux ofParis

February 05, 2008

Divadlo 29 in Pardubice (Rep. Czech)


June 12, 2020
Czech Cultural Center ofParis
- digitally transformed
June 08, 2020
Marie Bell Gymnasium Theater in Paris
- digitally transformed
June 05, 2020
Robert Desnos LibraryMontreuil(93)- digitally transformed
January 24, 2020
French Institute of Larissa (Greece)

June 08, 2015
Czech Cultural Center ofParis
The 21st of February 2014
Town hall from the 2nd to Paris
August 26, 2011
Prison ofNanterre(92)

May 08, 2011
Festival Paris in full atParis
June 18, 2010
Libraries ofSoissons(02)
May 28, 2010
Library ofCrecy-sur-Serre(02)

May 06, 2010
French Institute of Lisbon (Portugal)

May 04, 2010

Alliance Française Porto (Portugal)

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