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Tom the unicorn

Young audience show from 5 ans
written by Jacques Dupont
Edition ALNA 2010

In a gray tower, live Tom and his mother Léonie. Tom gradually cut himself off from the world and took refuge in reading. He reads, he reads… He loves his books so much that he speaks to them and speaks to them as if they were his friends.
      _cc781905- One day, the little boy decides to put a little fun on his mum order in his room. But his favorite book, the "unicorn book" disappears! A mysterious message asks him to go in search of the precious book. Tom no longer has a choice, he must leave his protected space for the world of men...
      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    oiled, where kings are fighting for a piece of land, where drought is rife... Faced with difficulties, Tom will call on his knowledge, on everything he has learned from books. He will leave many solutions in his path and also a little comfort...


The importance of reading while remaining open to others...



Created in January 2008
The show was played in particular
in the Center Region - Loire Valley,
in the Paris region, and abroad in Lebanon

Artistic team


Interpretation:Taloch KovaAndJacques Dupont

Staging:Eric Cenat

Scenography and costumes:Yana Mlynkova

Creation of the puppets:Taloch Kova and Yana Mlynkova

Light creation:Florent Barnaud

Sound creation:Arnaud Jollet


Article de presse

Press extracts


"(...) Tom talks to his books like friends and never leaves his room, indifferent to the outside world. Curious mania, think the children in the audience who, suddenly, will follow the wanderings like a highly exotic adventure of the young boy." The new observer

"How, in the era of video games, make books attractive to children? The Théâtre de l'Imprévu responds with a show of masks and puppets that transforms them into heroes..." 20 minutes

"At a time when children lock themselves in a little too much with their video games, this show helps them understand that there is a time for everything, for reading, games and especially friends!" OBD Theater

"A magnificent, poetic and endearing show, brilliantly interpreted, which made these young children laugh a lot and which should make them want to read again rather than 3D." Union of the Ardennes

"Tom with the unicorn enchanted many spectators at La Fabrique. A beautiful escapade on the extent of the power of reading. (...) Jacques Dupont, the author, delivers an intelligent and thoughtful story, which he interprets with a lot of humour. (...) A real delight!" The Republic

"(...) There is a simple, poetic and charming side to this show, with its elaborate staging: puppets of different shapes, shadow theatre, changes of scenery. All the ingredients are there for make you have a great time with your family, while insisting on the fact that books contain essential knowledge..." L'Amuse

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