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Letters from the shot
1941 - 1944
according toLife to die forby Guy Krivopissko

Co-production: National Resistance Museum


Design and interpretation:Éric Cénat and Max Tzwangue (actor, former resistant in the ranks of the FTP-MOI)

Duration: 1 hour

This voice of the "letters from the shot" is for me a personal achievement: I remember being very marked in adolescence by reading a "letter from the shot" discovered by chance in a history book: The Letter from Guy Môquet to his parents. What was my amazement and my confusion when I realized that this young man was at the time of his death the same age as me at the time: 17 years old.


I rely on this memory so that this reading crosses generations and is particularly aimed at the youth of our country:

May she understand thesacrifice of these menwho believed until their last breath in a better world… May she hear this wonderfulmessage of hope, tolerance and life, devoid of revenge and hatred which keeps, sixty years after the facts, all its topicality...








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