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The words of the witnesses

American and English planes that fell in the Loiret in 1944
according to historical testimonies and documents from the Loiret Departmental Archives


Co-production: Loiret Departmental Archives

​Design:Eric Cenat

Interpretation: Eric Cénat and MarcWyseur

Duration: 1 hour

“I wanted this reading to be in two voices in order to give a real plurality to thesetestimonials.

For the assembly of texts, I started from the document sent by the Archives. However, to meet the constraint of twenty minutes of intervention and for the sake of consistency, I refocused the discussion on six testimonials.


It then seemed important to me to alternate the speaking ofsurviving airmenwith that ofeyewitnesses. This brings a very strong emotional density...


If the technical constraints allow us, I would like to illustrate these texts by a projection of photos of military planes of the time, those which are precisely quoted in the declarations of the witnesses: Liberator, and Lancaster for the Allies; Junker 88, Focke-Wulf 110, Messerschmitt for the Germans. This would allow us to stage these testimonies, to help us materialize thefall of these bombers, to better understand what these men, on earth and in the sky, were able to experience in this month ofJuly 1944…”

Eric Cenat, director and actor

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