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      Frankoscény Festival 2022

European theater festival for French-speaking high school students.

3rd edition, in Pardubice.


This festival de theater francophone, co-organized by the Alliance française de Pardubice, is intended for high school theater companies. Non-competitive and, until this last edition, closed to the public. This festival benefits from the long heritage of Festivaldo which was created in Brno (Czech Republic) by Henri Noubel and Alexandra Noubelova more than twenty years ago.

As part of the cultural cooperation between the Pardubice Region and the Centre-Val-de-Loire Region, the Théâtre de l'Imprévu has been setting up projects in the Czech Republic for fourteen years now.

This festival takes place in Pardubice, the capital of the region, partner of the Theater of East Bohemia, has been collaborating with Éric Cénat for several years.

As part of the cultural cooperation between the Pardubice Region and the Centre-Val-de-Loire Region, the Théâtre de l'Imprévu has been setting up projects in the Czech Republic for fourteen years now.

In the program: round tables/workshops of artistic practices/literary meetings/evening "open stage"/professional show.


Coté presse

Interview de Radio Prague, menée par Guillaume Narguet, le 27 avril 2023

Frankoscény 2023

Festival locations

Anchored in the city of Pardubice, the Frankoscény took place in different places, with the stage of the Pardubice Theater as its centre.

Pardubice Theatre: East Bohemian Theater

The shows are performed on the small stage of the Pardubice Theatre: the Mala Scéna, with a capacity of 130 spectators.

The Kosatec integration center

The associative and social center Kosatec welcomed the troops throughout the duration of the festival. The majority of employees are disabled. Calling on this center also makes it possible to endorse a festival identity that is more local and united.

Hotel Labe

During the festival, all the participants were accommodated at the Hotel Labé, a partner of the festival for several years.

Dasicka High School

This high school has made 3 classrooms available, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, allowing students to follow an artistic practice workshop, alongside theater professionals: Éric Cénat, Claire Vidoni and Clément Peretjatko.

This school had been a partner of the Théâtre de l'Imprévu for the creation of four shows (2007 and 2017) as part of the cooperation between the Centre-Val-de-Loire Region and the Pardubice Region.

French Alliance of Pardubice

Located in the heart of the city of Pardubice, on Pernstynské square and in the European house, the Alliance française de Pardubice hosted the literary meetings with Lenka Hornakova Civade. Organizing one of the festival's activities within the Alliance française itself is a symbolic way of anchoring the festival in the Francophonie.

Pardubice Town Hall

For the first time, the closing ceremony took place in the council hall of the Pardubice City Hall. This emblematic place of the city was made available thanks to the support of the city and of Hana Svobodova, friend of the Alliance française de Pardubice and in charge of Culture at the Town Hall of Pardubice.

Our partners and supporters:

French Institute in Prague / The Centre-Val-de-Loire Region / The Pardubice Region / City of Pardubice / Europe Direct Pardubice / Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports / Centraide / The Bohemian Theater of the East / The KOSATEC center / Le Labé.

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