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Charles Peguy
Summer 1914
Creation: 2003

Partner: Center Charles Péguy (Orleans)

Design and interpretation: Eric Cenat

Duration: 1 hour

​Thisreading correspondenceby Charles Péguy allows us to accompany him during the first month of the Great War, which was also the last month of his life.


From August 3 to September 1, 1914, before being killed at the head of his company, the officer speaks in his letters as a son, as a husband, as a father, without forgetting to include in his solicitude his mostdear friendsand the humblecompanions of his lifefront: the wheelwright Louis Boitier and his sons, the servants Mathilde and Thérèse, Mrs. Gorius the embroiderer. The officer expresses in these messages sent from the front his ultimate loyalties and his essential beliefs, which obviously take on a testamentary value in our eyes.

The reading is structured in four chronological parts:

"Weapon vigils"

“From Mobilization to War”

"The death of Péguy in Villeroy, September 5, 1914"

“Celebration and Mourning”.

Charles Péguy died mowed down by a bullet in the head, a death similar to that of two other writers: Ernest Psichari and Alain Fournier who fell respectively on August 22 and September 22, 1914.

"I'm leaving, soldier of the Republic,

for general disarmament,

for the last of the wars…”

Charles Peguy



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