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Boris & Boby

Verbal and singing jousting

based on texts and songs from the repertoires of Boris Vian and Boby Lapointe


François Rascal sings and accompanies himself on guitar, saz, berimbau (summary)

or charrango – sorry!

He gives the reply to Eric Cénat, actor, emeritus player of maracas and charming singer in his spare time.


In a game of verbal and singing ping-pong, this improbable and picturesque duet

visit the varied worlds of Boris Vian, from light or dark poetry to the most ferocious humour.

Then, he devotes himself to the (lawful) pleasures of the virtuosity of the (ugly) puns of Boby Lapointe: his songs but also, less known, surrealist texts which are little marvels to discover.

And the show to end in an astonishing and explosive rap!



Thursday April 18, 2019 at 7 p.m.

The Regional Philharmonic in IVANO FRANKIVSK (Ukraine)

Artistic team


Design:Francois Rascal and Eric Cenat

Acting, singing and directing- Eric CenatAndFrancois Rascal


Light creation - Philippe Debray





Created in October 2002,
at Cat's in Orléans (45)
The show was played in particular
in the Center Region - Loire Valley,
throughout the national territory,
Abroad in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Morocco for a total of114 performances



Press extracts

Boris and Boby, unforgettable duo

"A jubilant show was greatly applauded by an overcrowded room... the verbal jousts cascade down, embarking the public in a humorous and refreshing surge... Tasty! The acting is also pleasant and the facial expressions of Éric Cénat are irresistible."

"a funny and sparkling show."


"The mayonnaise took and this show turned out to be a great success." The Republic of the Center


Boby and Boris, a hilarious duo


"The audience was over the moon." The Republic of the Center

Boris Vian and Boby Lapointe revisited: a highly acclaimed show

"Warm atmosphere (...) a breathtaking stage game... the two artists compete in mimicry, with Éric Cénat in top form, who excels in the dance step and the clownish expression of the face which provokes the hilarity of the spectators... François, excellent on the guitar... a few well-deserved encores and a conquered public!" The New Republic

Like in a whirlwind!

"A high quality show which, after several encores, ended with a great burst of laughter and a nice ovation to the two artists." The New Republic


As ambitious as it is fun...

The two cabarettists impressed all the spectators with their mix of thought-provoking texts (those of Boris Vian) and incredibly acrobatic puns (Boby Lapointe). The 300 guests... enjoyed the show. Hamburger WochenBlatt (Germany)


Two big "B's" were on stage

... In their funny, relevant and moving exchange, especially in the cover of "Déserteur", the two actors captivated the audience with their talent and simplicity... Proximity quickly place for complicity between the public and the two artists. (...) Éric does not stay in place, he enters the texts as one puts on a habit of words, and his body echoes it. Near him, François sings and astonishes with his voice. With great ease, he approaches the repertoire and enters the range without difficulty. Between the beauty of the texts, the mimicry of the two actors like two clowns who give each other the answer, we hear the bursts of laughter from the public. If people moved, it's because they like the two "B". That evening, Éric and François had a great time sharing what brings them together. Congratulations! The Republic of the Center


It was a success!!! The 120 people who attended the show... left delighted... The performance of Éric Cénat and François Rascal is breathtaking. They pass on their love of words and the French language while offering a breathtaking show. For nearly an hour and a half, an enormous amount of research into known and lesser-known texts is revealed with a sequence and a stage performance full of humor and tenderness. This verbal joust revives memories of a time spent rocked by Boby Lapointe's diction lessons with, for example, "Your Katie left you" or marked by the news of the 50s and 60s treated with ferocity by Boris Vian._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Three reminders orchestrated by the spectators underlined their enthusiasm and encouraged the actors to stay a few more moments on the stage... Le Courrier du Loiret


Two renowned artists in the countryside

... the masterful interpretation of songs and the declaration of texts written by Boris Vian and Boby Lapointe... personified by François Rascal and Éric Cénat. Their musical talent and the play of their grimaces, their obvious complicity, easily passed the sauce as poetic as denouncing the failings of the consumer society, and pacifist, of Boris Vian in the first part; then Boby Lapointe's ramblings and chaos of clashing, spiraling words... Le Journal de Gien


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