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      Cultural actions

School year 2021-2022

Orleans (45)

May/June 2022

"An artist in my class"
Creation and staging of the show "Stop! la Rumeur" with CM1 students from the Cigogne school.
In partnership with the City of Orléans and the Ligue de l'Enseignement du Loiret.
Speaker: Eric Cenat


March 2022

"Preparation for  the Oral"
Preparation for the 3rd year oral for Robert Lasneau middle school students.
Speaker: Eric Cenat

November 2021 to April 2022

​Orléans La Source (45)

November 2021 to March 2022

Residence and creation of a show with the Lycée Voltaire around contemporary Algerian poetry.
:Claire Vidoni and Charles Leplomb

"Student writings"
Reading of texts written by students
Performance hall Le Bouillon d'Orléans La Source
Partnership with the IUT - Computer Science Department of the University of Orléans
Staging and acting: Eric Cénat and Claire Vidoni

Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 June 2022

"Theatre and dance creation"
Creation of a theatre/dance show based on declaimed or danced texts or poems. From texts by N. Mandela, S. Veil and W. Churchill. With the students of the Ronsard high school.
Speaker: Eric Cenat

"Music and literature creation"
Creation of a music and literature show with the students of the mycée Saint-Joseph.
Speaker: Eric Cenat
"Reading for all"
Creation of a poetic reading on the theme "Dream of gender equality" with the second students of the Lycée Condorcet.
Speaker: Eric Cenat

February to May 2022

Verneuille-sur-Seine (78)

Throughout the year

Creation of a show with final performance, with CM1/CM2 students from the Notre Dame school group.
Speaker: Laura Segre
Illier Combray (28)

Throughout the year

"What's Up Marcel"
Writing workshops around rumor and its societal impact, followed by staging and interpretation of the texts written during the workshops. As well as the development and creation of a newspaper, "What's new Marcel?" with the 5th grade classes of the Marcel Proust college.

Speaker: Luc Tartar
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