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      Cultural actions

Year 2021-2022  

Orleans (45)

Elms (45)

July 2022

May 2022

Sensitization of the aggressors towards their victims.

Through the prism of theatre, Éric Cénat works to make minors aware of the consequences of their actions on their victims.

In partnershipwith the Aidaphi association (Orléans penal reparation service).

Inintervener:Eric Cenat


Creation and staging of a show/reading on the theme of Sweden. In collaboration with the pupils  of the municipal music school of the town hall of Ormes.

Inintervener:Eric Cenat

Seals (92)

Throughout the year


Creations and staging of several shows with members of the Animothèque MJC de Sceaux.

Inintervener:Jacques Dupont

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